Street Acts

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Ember the Dragon
Galen the Wizard
Raymond Restwell Sandman
Philip Graves, the Grave Digger


Thomas Everbrooke, Lord Mayor
Philipa Everbrooke, Lady Mayor


Lucretia, the Evil Guildmistress of Mercers
Hortense VanderWhal, Lucretia's Servant
Jason, Ward of the Lord & Lady Mayor
Masked Woman, Daughter of the Evil Guildmistress
Donovan Sinclair, Guildmaster of Masons
Jonathan Benson Stallings, Guild Master of Saddlers
Antonio Capaladi, Merchant of Venice


Middle Class
Roland the Visiting Knight
Malice, Merry Widow
Rosemary Bunn, Baker's Wife
Jeter, The Wind Up Toy
Oliver Lyghtfoote, Village Messenger
Isabel Radcliffe, Village Messenger
Master Slaver Quavo
Madame Red


Lower Class
Elisabeth of Dover
Guiles Longshot, Huntsman to His Majesty
William Halt, Apprentice to the Huntsman
Merde Dingleberry the Dung Dealer
Horatio Gray, Captain of the Scarlet Victory
Captain Murrain of the Banshee Bane
Elspeth the Tinker
Fenrir - Viking Brother
Amarok - Viking Brother
Simple Simon the Magician


FairyTale / Storybook
Mother Nature
Mother Goose
Alex Gander
Arabella Grimwell, Wizard's Apprentice
Prince Tristan Abidine of Lilypond
 Bonnie Thomasine Peep, Little Bo Beep
Red Riding Hood
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Little Miss Muffet
Kathleen, Old Woman in the Shoe
Juniper of the Shoe
Mary of the Shoe
Rose of the Shoe
Ruby of the Shoe
Maddy of the Shoe
Children's Realm Wizard
Children's Realm Wizard's Apprentice


Themed Weekend
The Cardinal


Royal Court
King Henry VIII
Queen Anne Boleyn
Princess Margaret, Elder Sister to the King
Princess Mary, Younger Sister to the King
Queen of Germany (visiting Monarch)
Queen of Spain (visiting Monarch)
George Boleyn, Brother of the Queen
Lady Jane Parker Boleyn - Wife of George Boleyn
Mary Shelton, Cousin to the Queen
Sir Francis Bryan (Courtier)
Margaret Lee, Lady in Waiting
Mary Holland - Maid to the Queen
Elizabeth Holland - Maid of Honor
Nicholas Carew (Courtier)
Leopold Bloom, Queen’s Florist
William Sommers - Jester
Attendant to the Crown
Squire to the Joust
Singing Princess of Poland
Sophia Jagellion
Catherine Jagellion
Isabella Jagellion
African Court
Emperor Jakim Abdul
Lady Ayana, Soothsayer
Young Prince, Karim




Seraphina, Mer Kingdom of the Irish Isles
Keeara Ashia, Mermaid of the Sea of Japan
Viola, Mermaid of the Black Sea
Maksim, Merman


Soul Fire Chavo
Albastru Boleyn
Rolo Boleyn
Yamanu Boleyn
Beznik Boleyn
Dex Boleyn


Soul Fire Chava
Milina Boleyn
Almira Boleyn
Yelena Boleyn
Ziva Boleyn
Tatiana Boleyn


Great Travelers of the Kumpania Boleyn
Ki Boleyn
Tas Boleyn
Petska Boleyn
Martin Boleyn
Maestro Boleyn
Karoltta Boleyn
Toate Boleyn
Gars Boleyn
Baba Boleyn
Angelo Boleyn


Living History
Yeoman John Wynkell, Baker
George Silver, Gentleman Duelist
Amy Longshot, Games Keeper's Assistant
Bess Hart, Games Keeper's Assistant
Capello Boleyn, The Great Traveler
Royal Lacers - Crosseyed Lacers
Lady Grey
Lady Dona Isabella D'Estes
Nicolette Russell
Mary Gamma Gerten, Seamstress
Brother Reginald
IHEA Blacksmith Guild


Tour Guides
Sister Phillipa
Mark Anthony Sutton, Plague Doctor
Bowyer's Wife




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