Stage Acts

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Tricks of the Light

They are a fire performance/comedy trio. Cyricx, Viollca, & Zuri dance with flames, draw with light, and defy the danger of the elements. They mix fun antics and playful banter with exciting fire performances with props such as nun chucks, the “dragonstaff,” hula hoop, and fire breathing.

The Dr. Dumpe

Dr. Dumpe has a built a reputation of excellence as an award winning Fire Eating Comedy Magician and has an extensive history performing at fairs and festivals not only nationwide in 31 states but also 12 countries outside the US in addition to his private corporate work. His comedic brand of humor and magical skills will astound and amaze. Rod delivers a high-energy interactive show generating smiles, laughter and lifelong memories.

Bob the Incredible Juggler

He does more than climb a freestanding ladder, walk a rope and juggle fire or do an incredible bullwhip routine!  He'll make you wonder whether he's juggling his props or the audience.  Actually, he's doing both!

Lord Budro the Hypnotist

Watch as your Friends go on an Imagination Vacation at the Crown and Rose Stage.  Once the Volunteers are under Hypnosis . .  . the Laughs Begin.  Volunteers will be given different suggestions and routines as you laugh at how they react to them.  This is a good, clean and fun show that the whole family will enjoy..  Come watch the show or be part of it. The most fun you'll ever have sleeping!!!

Bawdily Harm

 Bawdily Harm is a comedic show of daring feats of swordplay setting England, Scotland and France toe-to-toe in a deadly competition of wits and blades to settle once and for all which of their countries is the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Appearing on 3 Lions Stage 4 times a day.

The Jolly Rogers

The Jolly Rogers are a band of five guys who share a few common traits – a love for maritime music, an unreasoning fascination with the fantasy of Golden Age pirates and, above all, a very warped sense of humor. The result of this combination? A band that has been producing the best in sea music for over 20 years... a band who has performed all over the United States and in Europe (no, really!)... THIS band has defined the pirate sub-genre of the maritime tradition.  Proving Piracy is a laughing matter.

Dances of the Hidden Wyldes

 Sprites and satyrs all dance for your enjoy and encourage you to join in as they dace the maypole. 

5 Rings Fencing

5 Rings Fencing is one of the jewels of our Children’s Realm.  Five Rings Fencing started at the Kansas City Renaissance Faire, where Coach Wickersham was determined to use historical fencing to get modern sport fencing better known in the area.  Over the years we’ve worked in front of thousands of people, and built a club based on teaching the discipline and honor that is a necessary part of the profession of arms.

Soul Fire Dancers

A high energy Romani Dance show.  Complete with silly antics, acrobatics and a fire dance.  These dancers believe that the real stage is in the Lanes of  Canterbury.  No woman’s hand goes un-kissed or possible husband or wife un-pursued.  Romance is alive in this Romani Tribe


Nobel Cause Productions

Touring across the U. S., but with performing credits all over the world, Noble Cause Productions is a trained theatrical joust troupe skilled in lance passes, staged stunt combat, sword, shield, staff and multiple medieval weapons.

The Splatter Time Players Mud Show

A group of young men who have dedicated their lives to two things: Mud & Entertainment. You're welcome.

Washing Well Wenches

GOOD, CLEAN FUN with WET, DIRTY WOMEN.  The Washing Well Wenches are an all-female comedy troupe that performs at various venues across the nation and beyond.

Turtle and The Hair

A fun-loving, musical act that incorporates a little bit of authentic Gypsy history while adding their own whimsical twist on many traditional songs. Whether you're a fan of a Proper Cup of Coffee, or trying to find a Cuckoo's Nest, Turtle and The Hair is sure to leave you with a smile

The King's Royal Magicians

The Royal Magicians offer non-stop comedy and close up magic all for your entertainment and amazement. 


Other Stage Acts at the Festival

Fairy Tales & Hay Bales - Comedy
Full Combat Chess Match
Robin Hood Swill Show
Royal Falconers - World Bird Sanctuary



Topsy Turvy



The Death Defying Martika





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