Musical Groups

Gwyneth Whistlewood: Feral Flute

Gwyneth Whistlewood is a flute gone feral, a musician run mad, an improvisor who may be inspired or insane. Come for the exotic flutes made of glass, wood and metal. Stay for the ephemeral music fresh each moment. Warning; music history may be discussed (or mocked).

Tinker MacLea-Celtic Music

Tinker MacLea is an Irish/Scottish pub singer with over 30 years of Renaissance Faire experience at some 23 festivals in 12 states. Tinker sings mostly traditional songs and his own compositions, many of which have been performed and recorded by numerous entertainers across the RenFaire circuit.

Maguire Brothers

Three Irish brothers sharing their sibling rivalry and general shenanigans. Laughs, toasts, and fun, all mixed up with traditional Irish music.

Dr. Rev Mr. Cheeks Miller

He is a one man, one guitar, or whatever other instrument he has handy, musician. Add to that one Feisty Firebird. Songs from the Sea, the Celtic Tradition and beyond

Dublin Harpers

Musical talent flourishes with the Dublin Harpers!  Benjamin and Candyce have come together for a perfect marriage of everything harp. This outstanding family showcases the traditional roots of the Harp in Irish and Scottish culture, while concurrently delving into a kaleidoscopic musical journey of folk, contemporary, alternative, classical, jazz, and bluegrass genres.  This family of kids, teenagers, and a very cool set of Mom and Dad design and build their own instruments, including the Harps that they play and teach near and far. Each member of The Dublin Harpers has enjoyed performing and competing resulting in a myriad of honors and accolades. The family band show developed from a heritage saturated in musical talent and traditional roots highlights Celtic music on harps with percussion and dance. From youngest to oldest all the members play the harp and delight audiences with their talents and antics. 



Other Musical Groups at the Festival

Gaelic Brass-Brass Ensemble
Misty Bernard-Hammer Dulcimer
Madrigalia Bar Nonne-Madrigals & Mayhem!
Matty Stryker-Hammer Dulicmer & So much more
Bristol Brass-Brass - Herald Trumpeters
The Singing Princesses
Medieval Medicine





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