Monday, October 10th • 10:00am - 5:00 pm

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Take part in the fun and educational experiences!

Columbus Day Monday has been an annual tradition at the Festival for over thirty years. The Festival is committed to making this day a valuable educational experience and an enjoyable time for learning. Students of all ages have a chance to do more than study the history in a book; it gives them a chance to live it! 

In order to receive the Columbus Day pricing your tickets must be purchased in advance.  This pricing will not be available at the gate.

For additional information regarding our School Day,
please contact the sales department atsales@kcrenfest.comor call directly at (913) 721-2110 or toll free (800) 373-0357!

We will be offering a School Day Bag Lunch
Bag Lunch Includes: Ham or Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, Bag of Chips, Cookie, Juice Box or Bottled Water. Sack lunches are $5.00 and must be paid for and ordered in advance. Final day that lunches can be ordered is Monday, October 5 by 4:00pm. (Sack lunches are only available on Columbus Day, October 12)

Living History Tours

Interact with characters from the Renaissance period! Meet the following people on your journey back in time, led by experienced Renaissance historians:
• The Great Traveler Gypsy Rosea Lee
•  The King's Household
• The Royal Lacers
•  The King's Executioner
•  Yeoman Body Guard
•  The Court Seamstresses
•  The Blacksmiths
•  Institute for Historical and Educational Arts
•  The Armoury
•  Black Oak Maille Guild
•  Crossbow Archery
•  Nostradamus - Apothecary & Foreseer
•  Gabriella Goodstitch
•  The Print Shop

EmailLivingHistory.KCRF@gmail.comtoday to setup an appointment!

Check outLivingHistory.comfor more information!

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Choirs & Orchetras!

Make Music at the Festival!

We are thrilled to welcome choirs from all around the Midwest from colleges and high schools looking for a unique venue to perform Renaissance music! Join us by calling our Entertainment Director Jim Stamberger at 913-721-2110. He will personally sign you up and give you all the information that you need to be a part of this exciting event.



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